Thursday, April 07, 2005

An Introduction of Sorts

I write other places and you should note that. Because I already get the feeling that this place could become very neglected. For right now though, let's pretend that it's my favorite of all these writing haunts of mine and that I'll be posting here on a regular basis.

Let's see, where do I start? I think maybe the only person reading this that knows me right now is Lindsay, so this is for all the rest of you.

I fancy myself a writer. In May I will have completed my sophomore year at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in English (Writing). I want to be a wife and a mom and a novelist and have a house that always smells like really yummy food. I can cook (who knew?) and I love cleaning bathrooms. Always have. My parents were discussing the other day how I've always done it, and derived some sort of bizarre pleasure from it. Maybe I just like the smell of bleach. (Tip: Tilex Mold & Mildew is incredible and has many uses outside of the bathroom. For instance, if you spill V8 on your brand new white linen trousers, take a Q-tip and get a little Tilex, dab it on the stain and voila!)

I just posted a cleaning tip. Gracious me.

Alright, so there is a little bit about me. I'll be writing again...soon.


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