Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Exciting, I know

While the two things I'm about to speak of aren't really related, I've made a decision. I will not cut my hair until I have been asked on a proper date that both parties involved agree beforehand is, indeed, a date*.

Life goes on. Sigh.

We are currently searching Norman for a place to live. My dad is coming up here on Friday and we're heading out to scour the town for a residence suitable for myself, my younger brother**, Heather***, and Aaryn****. Please pray that we manage to find something good. Because when we do I am going to invite you all over for fun dinner parties and tea. You do like tea, don't you? And, in case you weren't aware, I am incredibly, frighteningly domestic. I can cook. You just come over. You'll see.

My grade for the past three weeks in Spanish has been 138%. Each week. Because I am a nerd that does all the bonus work. So...I have an A. Thank goodness, because I'm not so sure about a few other classes.

Speaking of classes, this summer I am going to be staying here in Norman. Aside from getting a good tan, my plans are to go to school. I'm going to be taking Physical Geography and Women in the American West. Decided to minor in History. Won't that be wonderful? More reading on top of the things for my English classes. But really, if there is one thing that I will stress it's that summer classes are WAY much easier and you should enroll in a couple. It is not that bad to go to school over the summer. Besides, you're just going to sit there in the sun and let your brain rot.

Over the past month I have regressed somewhere in my mind to the girl I was in 9th grade and have begun listening to Tori Amos. Incessantly. But it's so beautiful and ethereal. I thought I'd see you again/You said you might do/Maybe in a carving/In a cathedral/Somewhere in Barcelona. Who else writes lyrics like that?

*date (dt) noun 4: date regularly; have a steady relationship with
**Kyle, born May 10, 1986. Eldest of my two younger brothers. Will be attending OU in the fall as a Mechanical Engineering major.
***My roommate and cousin.
****Good girlie friend from down the hall.


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